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Microblading in Barranquilla

Microblading in Barranquilla

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Microblading clients in Barranquilla
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If the answer is "Yes" then Microblading is the right fit for you!

Book your first appointment where we will show you the shape and color of your brows that are the right match for your face type, whether you're a man or a woman.

Benefits of Microblading

  • Say goodbye to your sparse eyebrows, even if you suffer from alopecia

  • You'll have fuller brows in less than three hours

  • Your eyebrows will gain volume and color, hair by hair, and they will look very natural on you.

  • It will only cost you $150, which is a good deal for the quality delivered

  • You will have finer and more precise brows than you would with conventional tattoos

  • It will hurt less than micropigmentation, or traditional tattoos, and you can combine it with brow shading

  • What is the difference between microblading and micropigmentation?
    The main difference is that micropigmentation is a permanent makeup technique, whereas microblading is semi-permanent. Another difference is in the instrument used. In microblading, a metal pen is used to which a head is adapted with fine needles that make micro-cuts, which create channels in which the pigment is deposited. For micropigmentation, the dermograph is used, which uses a needle that goes in and out of the skin and thus deposits the pigment.
  • Who is microblading good for?
    Both for men and women who want to improve the shape of their eyebrows, since they improve the shape of the face. Sometimes due to excessive hair removal, scars, lack of symmetry, absence of hair in some areas, or all areas, either due to genetics, or as a consequence of chemotherapy treatments, or alopecia, the eyebrows take an irregular shape for many men and women, which can be corrected with microblading since this technique corrects the shape and filling of the eyebrows and gives them a very natural look. Microblading is also useful for those women, or also for those men, who do not want to draw their eyebrows every day, since it gives an appearance of a made-up eyebrow.
  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is the semi-permanent hair-stroke eyebrow tattoo, which gives the eyebrows the desired shape, with a much more natural appearance than what would be achieved with a simple eyebrow tattoo, since it is done hair stroke by hair stroke.
  • How long do eyebrows with microblading last?
    Microblading can last on the brows between 8 and 18 months. How long it lasts depends on the type of skin. If your skin is dry, the pigment can last longer on your skin, since the natural oil in the skin would dissolve it more slowly. In cases of oily skin, the pigment tends to dissolve a little faster.
  • How long does the microblading session last?
    The microblading session can last from two to three hours depending on the current condition of each person's eyebrows.

Trained Microblading Artist at the Renowned International Phi Academy

Microblading en Barranquilla
Certificado de curso para cejas pelo a pelo con sombreado

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Address: Cra 48 #76-32, Barranquilla. 

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